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Zagan City is a city in the Magic World. It is where Aikawa and Risu went to school and where Kaiman lost the cross marks on his eyes.



Risu enrolled and started to kill Magic Users as a Cross-Eyes in the division working in the city, having enough money to live a proper life, he rented an apartment and went to the city's magic School to understand why he could not produce any smoke.

Aikawa, after regain conscious years after he was possessed found himself in an apartment in the city with money and all needs covered, decided to not ask any questions, he went to school too and met Risu in class, together got rid of their abusive teacher and became best friends.

Not much time after that, Dokuga rented a room in an old manor in the city to hide Risu's severed head after he was killed by The Boss.


Zagan's poor part

Two years later the En Family cleaners would find the place using a magic doll made by Turkey to understand the mystery behind the man inside the lizard head. They went to a part of the city where 3rd rank Magic User nobodys gathered. The doll found the place, and with it, Risu's head.

Kaiman, Nikaido and Natsuki passed trough the city in their trip to Berith, because Kaiman remembered the Zagan Magic School, nothing more than a wrecked building, there he entered in a catatonic state and the Crosses in his eyes disappeared, the trio resumed their journey afterwards.