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Yasaka was a Magic-User that joined the Cross-Eyes to have an easy life. He lost sense of his comrades because of greed.


Hungry for power regardless of the cost, Yasaka is a disturbed individual, a traitor who would betray his partners in order to get everything in the easiest way possible.


Wears a big green coat, a scarf, white shirt, tight pants, and sneakers, always wears a military helmet.


He was one of the newly enrolled Cross-Eyes in En's Mansion. Finding a trace of Black Powder, he came across the Top Officers carrying a monster, which seemed to be producing it. Believing the creature was the source all along, and that the Officers wanted to have it all for themselves, he formed his own crew of Cross-Eyes to find out where they went. His search lead them to Hole where they managed to ambush Dokuga and kidnap the creature, leaving the top officer for dead. They hid in the basement of the Central Department Store, where Yasaka murdered his partners to secure all the Black Powder for himself, but was attacked by the previously undetected Fujita, who had followed them since the attack on Dokuga and wanted to take En's Devil Tumor from the creature. The Magic User severely wounded Yasaka's head and having received brain damage, the latter cut open the monster's skull to take its brains for himself. After taking some Black Powder to empower himself, Fujita attacked him with his last remaining smoke, killing Yasaka for good.


  • Fed up with his life.
  • Has a big hatred towards elite Magic Users.
  • Wants lots of Black Powder.