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Turkey (ターキー) is an elite magic user and one of the "big brass" of En's organization. She is responsible for locating persons of interest to the family by creating identical dolls of them.


Anime color scheme

Turkey, as the name suggests, was characterized by wearing a mask shaped like a basted turkey that covered her entire head. Her magic also necessitated that she wears cooking clothes including an apron and large mittens.  

Her clothing, along with her choice to have never taken her mask off until the final volume made her face a mystery. It shocked the En Family when it was taken off.  

Underneath her clothing, she has long blue hair and a shapely body causing Ebisu to be envious of her bust.


Turkey without the mask

Turkey can create living dolls that fully replicate the appearance and personality of living and deceased individuals from cooking ingredients (mostly meat, spices, etc). Though these dolls are unable to talk or use magic they can find the location of the actual person.

Specific ingredients used to make her puppets are:

  • A jar of smoke made from thoughts about the person to be replicated.
  • Barbary duck.
  • Some pork.
  • A fine slice of bacon.
  • Calf posterior.
  • A glass of cognac.
    • A bottle of port.
    • Some minced onions.
    • A little bit of salt and pepper.
    • Kite string.

Instructions to make her puppets is to:

  • Mix the onions while adding the cognac, port, and a little salt and pepper.
  • De-bone the duck, flatten it, and garnish it with minced meat and a little bit of salt and pepper.
  • Tie the meat with kite string and bake it in a special oven made with magic.
  • Pour smoke and melts of calf every 10 minutes while it is baking, let it roast.



An important member of The En Family who chooses to live in her private home far from En's Mansion, wishing to live peacefully cultivating and working only on her projects. However, she is always happy to see her boss and will do her best to live up to his expectations.

Hunting for Risu[]

The Top Family members (and Ebisu) went to her home hoping to create a doll based on Shin's memories from a fightback in Hole, believing it would help to kill their target.

Turkey introduces herself and her magic ability to make living puppets. She demonstrates her magic by asking Shin to first ask about a person he knows while blowing his smoke into a little glass container. Shin thinks about Noi and follows her instructions. Turkey reveals an exact clone puppet of Noi, but before Shin could mutter a real response to its naked appearance, coincidentally the real Noi's voice is heard through the house and Shin immediately demands Turkey make it disappear.

After an extremely delicious explanation of how she creates her dolls, a puppet made like a man Shin saw was created with ingredients of a Roast Duck. The Family members exchange goodbyes with Turkey and go forward on their mission with the doll.

The End of the En Family[]

Turkey was one of the few members of the En family to survive the Cross Eye's massacre and purging of the family and was able to provide shelter for the En Family Remnant, using her secret bunker as the new de facto headquarters of the family safe from the new Cross Eye rulers.

She was among the people who wondered if they would be the person to go undercover and spy on the Cross Eye's boss as well as those who wished Fujita luck when he was picked.

Endeavor to the Department Store[]

Turkey was asked to try and find Fujita by using a puppet that would be used to find and recover him. However, she only had the cheap inadequate food available at the hospital. While she was able to create a crude puppet, it was stuck to the bottom of the cauldron, and while trying to free it the cauldron tipped over and the puppet fell from the roof, now useless.

Turkey joined Shin, Noi, Ebisu, Shou, Chota, and "Kaiko" on an expedition to the Hole Central Department Store in a bid to make it their new headquarters with the promise of new supplies. However, the magic carpet they had used was blown away, causing nearly everyone aboard to fall onto the room of the department store. Turkey had broke her legs in the fall.

Later Turkey, Fujita, Chota, and others would be searching the now abandoned store looking for Shin and Noi. They would come across the now zombified Shin and would realize too late that he did not recognize them and all of them, including Turkey, would be sliced to pieces by Shin's magic and left to die. Turkey and the others realized that their last hope would have to lie in Ebisu. Using Chota to kill their severed body parts Turkey used the pieces of flesh to create an Ebisu doll.

En Revived[]

When En reunited with the members of the family while the Department Store was sinking, Turkey could only stand by helplessly as En used up all of their magic in order to keep them alive and out of the reach of the toxic slime that was the Lake of Refuse. As time ran out, Shin managed to remember that the severed head he held in his hand was none other than Shou. Turkey allowed Kikurage to eat her mask to convince her to resurrect Shou, which revealed to everyone her female appearance. She explained that she had been using a powerful spell for the past few years to give herself the appearance of a woman. Upon the reveal, Turkey says, "I'm a man. Or, was".

Turkey is considered to be one of the more important members of the family. It was her task to organize who would be closest to Shou and would be transported away to safety along with everyone else.


  • The puppets smell delicious.
  • Turkey cares largely about cultivating, collecting, and preserving ingredients
  • She once wanted to make a doll from rotten ingredients to see what would happen.
  • Her mask is edible.
  • Her Mental Pie Chart from the All Star Directory is as follows (from largest to smallest pie slice):
    • Collecting ingredients.
    • Cultivating ingredients.
    • About the En Family.
    • Preserving ingredients.
    • I want to try making a doll out of rotten ingredients to see what happens.