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A Magic User created by Chidaruma himself due his infatuation with deep fried prawns and his love to mess up with people.


Incredible violent, constantly attacking and turning everything in deep fries, also quite stupid.


By far one of the tallest characters in the series, as shown to be almost as tall as Chidaruma (roughly 260cm.)

Heavy muscle build with black shirt and pants, white gloves and a ridiculously big deep fried prawn mask (is possible that he can't actually see a thing, explaining why he bash himself against the walls all the time.)

Without his mask, The Fry is disturbingly scaring.


The Fry without mask

The Devil Lord sculpted The Fry from scratch and released his creation into the world to wreak havoc and annoy people. The sorcerer was made without the notion of who was his creator, so he believed he grow up without a care for the world.

Soon he started to deep fry whole towns, and draw En's attention, the Family Boss sent Shin and Noi to get rid of The Fry, and after a fierce battle, the sorcerer was killed, mutilated by Shin's magic, but not before deep frying both cleaners, leaving them barely alive.

Chidaruma gave a proper burial to his creation, yet he didn't wanted to revive him, mostly because his infatuation with prawns was over.