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Cross-Eyes Elites and their Boss

The Cross-Eyes are a criminal organization in The Magic User World and the enemy of The En Family. The gang members can be easily recognized by small cross-shaped tattoos near their eyes. The gang rose to prominence under the leadership of The Boss. They profit on producing and selling Black Powder, an addictive drug enhancing Magic User powers, and recruit weak Magic Users to fill their ranks. The Cross-Eyes were behind kidnapping and assassination of numerous elite Magic Users, including dozens of the En Family members. The organization was hit hard by the disappearance of the Boss but never ceased its activities. They have a network of hideouts and laboratories across The Magic User World.


The Boss:

  • Kai, known simply as The Boss, was the founder of the gang. His whereabouts are unknown.

Top Officers:

  • Dokuga: The current leader in the absence of Kai. Loyal to The Boss, serious, quiet and always keeps distance from others to make their lives easy due to his special condition (everything his body produces is poisonous), uses bayonets knifes as a primary weapon (like The Boss)
  • Tetsujo: Second in command, with a scar in his face (never explained why he never healed it), the voice of reason most of the time and Dokuga's closest friend, uses a katana as his weapon.
  • Ushishimada: Bald, short stature, prone to violence and willing to self-sacrifice for the benefit of others. One of the strongest characters of the series, he only fights with his bare hands.
  • Ton:Easy going with a childish nature, likes to eat a lot and highly skilled in knife throwing.
  • Saji: The elder in the group, manages the finances of the organization, proud of his works of embroidery, helps to take the serious decisions of the group.

Other members:



The Young Top Officers

During a stormy night in Hole years ago, the tops members of the organization (kids at the time) were thrown to die in the rain by other Magic Users through a Magic Door from their realm, they were found by Kai, who easily killed the sorcerers to use the door to escape from Hole, the kids followed him and stayed with him ever since, tattooing crosses in their eyes to match his "Birthmarks" and forming a group around him with other Magic Users unable to produce smoke, creating the Cross-Eyes.

Using Kai's investigations about the use of magic and the by-product of it, The Black Powder, to fundraiser their activities, they become a powerful group, killing elite Magic Users believing it was a demonstration of power, to rebel against the status quo of their world who put the sorcerers with powerful magic over the ones unable to produce enough smoke to use magic or any at all. The Black Powder was also a sign of hope for a lot of people, believing The Boss created it to give those with no abilities of their own enough power to live a proper life, all of this, however, was a lie told by those who wanted an explanation of the group motives, because Kai, always reserved, never talk about any of this, leaving the management of the group to Dokuga and the other top officers.

The group targeted the En Family and killed their members for over two years until En himself had a showdown with Kai, who severely wounded Shin and Noi at the moment, the fight consumed the whole city of Mastema with En's smoke leaving it uninhabitable for years.

The Boss kept killing Magic Users for research and their power until he found Risu, a newcomer in the group who had a powerful and unique type of magic called Curse that only trigger with his death, Kai killed him and chopped his head to extract the Devil Tumor inside it, but released Curse in the process, now an unstoppable ghost who murder in a grotesque way anyone with killing intents towards it. Kai knew that type of magic only dispels once the killer is dead, so he departed to Hole in hopes to avoid Curse, leaving the organization without Black Powder, and the top members hid to prevent their enemies from finding them.

The Cross-Eyes became a scattered group, with no officers to lead them nor the product to sell, they quickly became separate branches working alone in different cities with the few Black Powder they had left, with a separate group led by Kento to discover the secrets of Black Powder to produce it once more, at the same time while also working to learn about Magic User anatomy; from finding how to stop sorcerers producing smoke to finding a way to produce smoke themselves (through mutilating their bodies).

The tops officers, to avoid any obvious places which would make them targets of En, decided to live an extremely poor and pathetic life in a small rented house. With no money left, they had to take any job they could get (people unable to produce smoke are limited in work options), pawn the Boss's belongings to pay rent, save money by recycling newspapers to get toilet paper, save electricity using candles, live in the dark most of the day, and drink tea from old teabags.


The Boss returned once again by killing En in his own mansion, the remains of the En Family were quickly slaughtered by the Top Officers and the whole Mansion became the Cross-Eyes new headquarters. With that, hundreds of Magic Users flocked to the mansion to become Cross-Eyes members. The group became once again a powerful and fearsome organization, with the Top Officers leading it and The Boss on the top, continuing his research, but with that, his lust for killing became more obvious than ever. The Boss needed bodies to experiment, and the mass murder of Magic Users begun.

The top officers of the Cross-Eyes in the anime.png

Kai started his genocide of sorcerers to ensure numerous bodies to produce not only Black Powder, but also the final stage in his research of magic; a hide, made of countless Devil tumors and Magic User flesh, to become a Devil himself. After Ai Coleman merged with the hide, the officers headed to hole with him, now a huge mindless beast, leaving the Cross-Eyes without any management once again. During the apocalyptic rain in the Magic User realm, the now resurrected En tried to go to his mansion through a magic door from Hole, just to discover it vandalized by the Cross-Eyes. The room En stood in was empty, so it was plausible to believe most, if not all the Cross-Eyes who were in the mansion, succumbed to the Rain effects and died there.

By the end of the series, with Kai and most of its members killed, save for Dokuga and Tetsujo, the Cross-Eyes have ultimately dissolved.