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Store is a creature neither Devil nor Magic-User, nor evil or good, debuting in Chapter 53, one of the most powerful characters in the series, as the only other known creature in existence (aside of Chidaruma) able to bring fear and despair to the Devils.


Store appears as a black monster with a bird-like appearance, a strange halo above its head, huge feet, and a torso with no arms. Store has two wing-like extensions in its back where extremely rare and powerful knives grow once every 10 thousand years. It towers almost every other character in the series, at 3m. Only shouts "NANANANA" constantly.


At first glance, it seems to be a mindless creature with terrific manners, but appears to have some degree of intelligence and communication with other creatures, mostly Devils, as it is responsible for the administration of the Store. Also in recent chapters seems to enjoy nice tea parties with zombie Kasukabe.


An entity that resides inside of "The Store", a butchery located near the gates of Hell. Store can only be seen by Devils, even Magic Users training to be Devils cannot perceive more than a shadow when they stand close to it. Its job is to butcher Devils that Chidaruma considers fell out of grace, chopping their limbs off with The Store´s Kitchen Knife, the most powerful weapon in any world, and selling the body parts to other Devils so they can train Magic Users for the Devil Exam (the body parts are eaten by Magic Users to accelerate the Devilhood process).

Store is respected and feared by the Devils, as the only creature able to kill them (possibly aside from Chidaruma) a single swing of one of the Knives in its back is able to completely slaughter the indestructible and unholy body of the Devils, rendering them and nothing more than simply flayed Magic Users.

Store was presented in Asu's punishment for keeping secrets from Chidaruma, while the pig-head Devil was hooked like an animal in a butchery, Store used its knives to mutilate piece by piece the body until nothing more than a flayed Kawajiri was left behind, subsequently selling the body parts to another Devil. (Kawajiri himself bought his own body parts later to train Nikaido).

It appeared once again in Chapter 148, after all the Devils in the Black House apparently lost their bet against Chidaruma, Store appeared and slaughtered all of them, and after separating the mutilated body parts from the flayed Magic Users, it sat on the floor, and House itself served him some tea and toast, which it ate happily.


  • In some chapters the Knife is named "The Legendary Knife of Stoah". This is likely a mistranslation as the creature is frequently called "Store" in later chapters.
  • Unable to speak human words
  • Works for Chidaruma