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The outside of the wrecked school

South Zagan Magical Training School was the school Risu and Aikawa went to and met at in Zagan City. It´s a school for people who have problems with producing smoke. Risu enrolled there once he had enough money to have a decent life when he started to kill people as a member of the Cross-Eyes, not knowing why he was unable to produce any smoke since he was born. There he met Aikawa, a lazy fellow student in the same class as him. During a particular class, he was approached by his teacher, an abusive muscular man who scammed students beating them and forcing them to buy "Magic Bracelets" to improve their magic, Risu didn't fall for it and attacked the sorcerer, at that moment Aikawa appeared from the ceiling and teamed up with Risu to get rid of the teacher slicing his arms with his bayonet knives, then Risu disposed of the body in one of the Cross-Eyes vans, with this, they became best friends.

The destroyed interior of the school

Around two years from Risu's death and Nikaido and Kaiman's trip to the Magic User's world, the school became a place filled with Cross-Eyes who sold Black Powder to the powerless and eager students of the school, soon it became a dangerous place filled with dealers of Powder and En personally close the school and moved the whole staff of workers and students into a new school, the building was abandoned and wrecked, showing signs of a huge fight. During their travel to Berith, Kaiman, Nikaido, and Natsuki passed the old building, a sudden shock in Kaiman's head made him go into the wrecked place, where he found a file with Risu's information and the memories of his previous life made him torn his face with his bare hands and became catatonic afterward.

The New School[]


Once Aikawa came back years later, he saw one of his old classmates bullied by some Magic Users, after saving him, the grateful sorcerer explained the situation of the new building and how would be filled with Cross-Eyes once again thanks to the organization's comeback, Aikawa enrolled anyways and the first thing in his day was to be chased by the old cafeteria chef that he used to steal food from.