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Risu's Artificial Body

A new product developed by The En Family scientific crew, as the name suggest, its a vessel for sorcerers who no longer have a body, yet it does not work as a life support system, simply as a form of mobilization.


Once En wanted some answers from the Head his cleaners found, he used Kikurage's magic to resurrect it, the man named Risu was put in one of these bodies, empowered by En's magic smoke. Thanks to the properties of the robotic body, it makes his occupant immune to the effects of the smoke used on the machine, shown as how Risu was unaffected by the terrifying effects of En's magic during a fight to kidnap him, making him able to escape from The Mansion.

The body works in the same way as any transporting machine, with a measurer in the back counting the remaining smoke left, if the body stop working, the head will root away still attached to the body, when Risu saw how left it had before this happen, quickly went back to the mansion for some more, and find Aikawa, the only person able to help him.

Due extremely lucky circumstances Risu released Noi from her imprisonment and a barrage of healing smoke detached his head from the machine, regrowing his original body and escaping once again. The body was reclaimed by the cleaners and dismissed the fate of Risu as simply a head lost somewhere rooting away.