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Risu's Teacher was a Magic-User who taught magic and scammed students at the South Zagan Magical Training School. He was killed by Aikawa after attempting to scam and kill Risu. His magic was supposedly of the Erasal type but he couldn't produce enough himself to actually prove it.


Risu's Teacher was tall, comparible in height to Aikawa meaking him one of the taller characters in the series and he was extremely well built. He had blond hair cut almost in a military style way. He wore only a tank top over his chest and jeans for his pants as well as combat boots. He wore a full face mask that left only the eyes and mouth open.


Early Life[]

Risu's Instructer was born without any real magical ability and as such likely experienced discrimination or even bullying at the hands of more advanced magic users. However at some point he devolped special bracelets that could enhance a users magical ability and he made a small side business selling them for money.

At Zagan Magical Training School[]

The Instructer managed to gain a job at the Zagan school of magical training where he would attempt to teach other magically ingifted people to try and harness the power of their smoke. He would become known as a bully and would berate those who failed to do as instructed but would also frequently butt heads with Aikawa who would stick up for the other students.

Eventually he would summon Risu to his office where he would offer Risu the arm bands that would enhance his magical ability however when he is refused and even worse is spotted by Aikawa he decides it is the most opportune time to be rid of the constant thorn in his side. He tries to fight both Aikawa and RIsu, touting his ability to use erasure magic however he is unable to use it due to his own lack of talent and is defeated and killed in the skirmish.


  • He is the only known magic user who's magic erases matter not transforms it