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Restaurant Tanba

Restaurant Tanba is the place run and owned by the Magic-User Tanba. The restaurant specializes in Meat Bags. Kaiman briefly worked here.



Tanba owned the restaurant for a long time. When Kirion was still a child, kidnapped and brought to this world to be sold as a guinea pig and escaped her captor, Tanba took her and raised the child in the restaurant, becoming part of the restaurant staff.

One of the staff members, Asuka, was fired after a long time of casting a love spell on Tanba, he became immune to her magic and fired her from the restaurant.


Kaiman was hired by Tanba as a bouncer for the restaurant after he saved Fukuyama from some magic users who tried to kidnap him for the blue night. To anyone's expectations, he was lazy, ate some of the restaurant's main dish, meat bags, and then beat up by his boss.

The restaurant was raided by Cross-Eyes during their Magic User genocide and tried to kill Tanba, Fukuyama, and Kirion. Thanks to their team-up, the two employees drove away from the goons and even were able to kill and transform the Cross-Eyes Boss in the process.

The restaurant staff were one of the few known survivors during the apocalyptic rain in The Magic User World, even Asuka resided inside it with the other survivors while Kirion took care of them.

Staff Members[]