Red Brake
Red Brake-0
Occupation Boxer at Noshinto Gong
First Appearance
Volume Volume 2
Chapter Chapter 11
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Red Brake is a boxer revered as the unbeatable boxer from Noshinto Gong. He was being empowered by a magic-user to have a young, muscular body though in reality, he is a frail old man. 


Red Brake is a tall, muscular man with very poor dental hygiene. In the manga he is depicted wearing a beanie hat, white tank top, suspenders, shorts and black sneakers.

History Edit

Red Brake made a deal with a magic-user to empower him with inhuman strength allowing him to beat any person in the ring. Brake's defeated opponents would then be sold by the magic user to other sorcerers.

Red Brake once fought and defeated Nikaido at a boxing match, Kaiman in search of Nikaido would later also challenge the unbeatable boxer.

During the fight with Kaiman, Red Brake's sheer power and invulnerability allowed him to quickly overcome Kaiman. However, just before Red Brake could deliver a killing blow, Nikaido killed the magic-user responsible for Red Brakes power, braking the spell, allowing Kaiman to quickly defeat the once unbeatable boxer.