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A gift from Chota to the (at the moment) deceased Ebisu, in hopes to make her happy once Fujita finds a way to resurrect her.


A charm with a design resembling a Dia de Los Muertos skull, adorned with flowers. It was made as a gift for Chota years ago by a Devil acquaintance of him.


After stumbling with Chota (blind thanks to his morphed mushroom head) Fujita went to drink tea with him (carrying the corpse of Ebisu) the mushroom head sorcerer gave the charm to Ebisu, wishing happiness for her, Fujita asked if that was ok, lending a powerful item crafter by a Devil. Chota simply said he doesn't need it anymore because every day of his life was filled with joy thanks to his proximity to En.

The Hair Clip went inside Ebisu's brain once Noi healed her skull without noticing the clip falling inside her head. Once revived Ebisu became hyperactive and even crazier, having permanents outbursts of happiness to the point she laughed at everything all the time, annoying everyone around her, making the little sorcerer incapable of cry or feel pain without laughing as hard as she can.

Demon Lizard Ebisu

The charm had also a side effect on her, thanks to the properties related to the emotion control of the clip, Ebisu was able to channel more powerful transformations, experimenting rejoice even in the most daring situations, and morphing into more monstrous yet humanoid reptilian creatures, with more raw strength and durability, a fine example of this was presented when she saved Kikurage from The Cross-Eyes, becoming a bipedal alligator with horns (her mask fused with her for a moment) maniacally laughing all the time.