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Miyamoto (宮本, Miyamoto) was a member of the Cross-Eyes who knew Risu.


Miyamoto has a really short hair and Cross-Eye tattoos around his eyes.


Not much is known about his personality, but he was loyal to the The Cross-Eyes, unwilling to reveal information about them even in death.


Shin and Noi went to one of the The Cross-Eyes hideout trying to get more information about their boss. But as their disguised was easily blown, a fight occurred and they killed all present members except Miyamoto, who Shin disfigured with his magic.

At En's house, Fujita brought Miyamoto in a box, who was in pieces due to Shin's magic. Risu immediately recognized him and greeted him. But as intruder had entered the mansion, all of En Family went to look for it and Risu was left alone locked in the room with Miyamoto. He then told Risu to not reveal any information about their boss, but Risu wanted to know who killed him.

A bit later the En family went back to them, but at the same time the intruder, Nikaido broke into the room, spilling Miyamoto on the floor. As she tried to take Risu and punched En, En got angry and released his magic, affecting almost all in the room, including Miyamoto who started to turn into a mushroom. As Risu wasn't affected, Miyamoto asked him to help him, but Risu knew that one of the Cross-Eyes killed him and left, leaving Miyamoto to turn into a fungus.