Mister Coleman
Mister Coleman
Age 78
Sex Male
Height 196cm (with elongated neck: 260cm)
Weight 89kg
Magic None
Weapon None
First Appearance
Volume Volume 9
Chapter Chapter 51
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Mister Coleman is a human from hole and is the grandfather of Ai Coleman. Mr. Coleman was disfigured by an unnamed magical user who elongated his neck to the point that Coleman could be sitting in a chair and have his head on the ground or on his lap.

Appearance Edit

A wrinkly old man with scruffy white hair covering most of his face. Has an un-naturally long neck and usually sits in a wheelchair.

Personality Edit

In contrast with his grandson, he used to be rather cheerful and easygoing, leaving their home for weeks in order to job. Prone to yell and do a similar variety of wacky expressions like Kaiman

History Edit

Past Edit

Mr. Coleman was an scavenger and his jobs kept him far from home most of the time, leaving Ai alone but seemly this didn't change they way they looked at each other, Mr. Coleman loved his grandson and Ai was simply apathetic at everything so is unclear if he care about anything related to his grandpa.

He was presented during the funeral of his grandson, and during an unexplained period of time, a sorcerer elongated his neck. Also seems to stopped working as a scavenger, as we see metal bars attached to his legs along with him be in a wheelchair.

Present Edit

Kasukabe, Noi and Shin broke his door as nobody was answering the door, believing the old man was death and his head chopped in his lap, Noi tough about taking the head to Kikurage in order to revive him, to their surprise the old man was alive and really angry for his door.

He accompanied the group to his grandson's grave, to his horrifying surprise the cleaners started to profane the grave, and started to yell at them to stop, but at the end, was shocked along the rest to discover Ai's grave empty.

Trivia Edit