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Maki is a Magic-User and a member of the Cross-Eyes. Only featured In Chapter 46


He became a Cross-Eyes just for the money, having no remorse for scamming desperate people selling coal as Black Powder. A despicable individual, hitting Natsuki in daily basis for silly things, to the point the girl didn't mind it anymore, believing she was helping a better cause.



He was a black powder dealer in Mastema and the superior of Natsuki. After he told the truth about the black powder they were selling, an imitation made of grains of coal, Natsuki reveled and told him she woul not help him deceiving people, enraged, he was about to kill her but Kaiman appeared and together fought and killed Maki. Natsuki used her hook to torn his organs appart and Kaiman sliced his head with one of his knives.

Maki slaughtered