Dorohedoro Wiki

A Magic User door is a dimensional portal Sorcerers make with their smoke to move from The Magic User World and Hole. Designs of doors are diverse so each magic user has their own personal design.


  • The overall aesthetic of the doors depends in various ways on the user's mask design and magic power.
    • Nikaido's door hints at her time-travel ability: a cassette with a forward and a rewind button
    • Ebisu's door reflects her skull mask and death-related design in general
    • Fujita's door relates to his hobby with guns and his bullet-like destructive magic
    • Shin's door goes with his mask design and weapon: a heart, a hammer and a few stiches.
    • Noi's door looks like a bandaid, which is related to her power of healing. It also has a wordplay on her name: Noi = No1
    • Chota's door looks like a church mosaic of two birds, reflecting his bird like mask.
    • En's door is of course mushroom-themed
  • Seems like the Devils share the same type of plain looking door as they all have almighty powers not related to any specific kind of magic, also none of them wear masks anymore.