Kikurage (キクラゲ) is an elite Magic-User and cherished member of The En Family. It is an allegedly female animal with the tendency to reanimate the dead. She is especially fond of En and Ebisu.


Kikurage anime design

Anime color scheme

Kikurage is a small, white chimeric creature. She has long, fluffy ears, cloven hind-legs, and stumpy forelegs. Two of her most notable features are the tiny black horns sticking out of her head, as well as her Devil tail. She has brown spots on her back and tends to let her long tongue hang out of her mouth.

Kikurage wears a red, stitched mask with several holes for her horns, mouth, and ears.


Rather self-centered and only really concerned with eating, she is doted on like a baby by En and Ebisu. Childish and sadistic by nature, she likes to play with insects, killing them and bringing them back to life to keep toying with them. She hates corpses as well as the stench of decay and often can't be bothered to revive them. She will only use her magic when coaxed or on a whim.

History Edit

She was found by En after he killed her previous owner, a wealthy Magic User with no powers of her own. The sorceress would hide Kikurage inside her dress and revive the dead bodies in her mansion during her "Death Parties". The rule for the party-goers was that they had to provide lavish gifts along with the corpse to be resurrected. En wished to be that sorceress's partner, so he approached her with his proposition, only to discover traces of Black Powder on her dress. Realizing she was a fraud and outraged, En transformed her head into mushrooms and left her to die, but noticed the creature inside her clothes. Realizing that it was the actual source of the magic, he made Kikurage his pet, affectionately referring to her as his partner.


  • Thinks of En as a father.
  • Thinks of Ebisu as a sister.
  • Avoids reviving corpses due to their horrible stench.
  • Likes to play with bugs.
  • Is known as Judas's Ear in the Viz translation.
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