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The clinic once belonging to Professor Kasukabe during his early days as a doctor. It was closed and demolished 10 years ago, presumably after Ai Coleman's death and disappearance.


A rather small building surrounded by the typical structures of Hole. It served as Kasukabe's workplace and home, with three floors and a brick structure.


 Roughly 30 years ago, Kasukabe founded the clinic with his wife Haru and trained Vaux. The place was quite popular thanks to the amount of Magic User victims at the time, but rather than being built to help people, it was opened to allow the professor to freely study the way Magic affected living beings.Ai Coleman then became Kasukabe's assistant to learn how to become a Magic User. After a year of working there, an incident where they tried to salvage the body of a Magic User in the Lake of Refuse left him in a critical condition. With Ai's plea and research notebook, the professor formed a surgery to artificially turn him into a Magic User. It was a success, but Ai's untimely death after recovery eventually halted the experiment. It can be assumed that Kasukabe's heightened interest in Magic Users after the incident caused him to close the clinic.  


A replica of the clinic manifested during the events in the Central Department Store. Kasukabe and the others used it as a shortcut to escape from Hole-kun. It is also where Ai's spirit appears and explains everything concerning him and Hole itself.