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Hole or "Holey" as it's referred to as by Chidaruma, is the manifestation of the deceased inhabitants of the Hole since ancient history. More specifically, their manifestation of hatred and pain caused by Sorcerers.


Hole is a massive humanoid figure garbed in a raggedy jacket with large pouches and pockets along his body (not unlike Risu). Its main feature is a long and seemingly sheeted head with black eye holes bleeding sludge and a crown of horns around its head and arms.

Hole has noticeably more monstrous features, specifically claws protruding from its mitten-like hands and a row of sharp teeth in its maw which opens to consume sorcerers.

Hole noticeably has the ability to partially change its appearance at will, changing its face to resemble Aikawa's in order to trick Caiman.

His debut appearance color scheme consisted of a uniform pallet of grey, later it was changed to a more remarked color difference, with black overall clothes and his arms and mask white.


Hole is a simple manifestation of hatred towards sorcerers with the intention of ridding the world of them. It speaks randomly often expressing that sorcerers must simply die, more interestingly, it can seemingly make insults against sorcerers echoing the opinions of its constituents.

Hole does seem to have some tactical sense about it. This is shown when it uses its ability to manifest rain in order to wreak havoc on the sorcerer world and disable the En Family's goons and later when it tricks Caiman through shapeshifting.



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The creature came from the now-empty Lake of Refuse on Hole, greeted by Chidaruma, who awaited his creation for centuries, Hole showed no signs of care of what the Devil was saying, only shouting "Kill Magic Users" and "Death to Magic Users", Chidaruma found it nonsensical and even asked if he was paying attention. The monster sensed the En Family goons on the ground near Dr. Vaux, 13, Jonson and the rest of the scared and confused residents of the city, then descended to the ground smashing it, Chidaruma came along, presented him as "Hole-kun" and telling him happy birthday.

Hole unleashing the grudge of the ancient humans

He headed directly to the scared Magic Users, using the claws in his right hand, stabbed one of the goons trough the chest and a manifestation of the grudge of ancient humans came from his mouth and eyes, devouring the sorcerer's head and exclaiming "Slaughter all Magic Users" with an evil grin in his face.

Hole pursue the remaining goons through the city, floating just above the ground and taking with him clotheslines, in a surprising way, even with his colossal and intimidating figure, no humans feared him, and even approaching the creature after killing some of the goons. Apparently, thanks to his nature as the avatar of their world, and the representation of humanity's hatred towards Magic Users, deep inside the city residents can understand he means no harm to them.

In a turn of events Hole actually sport a set of weapons, a giant fork, and knife used to stave, hold and bisect sorcerers, eating their heads or upper parts of their bodies and then putting the remains in one of the many pockets in his overall, sending the corpses to another dimension as Chidaruma could predict.

The creature is also able to summon deformed, barely human-looking balls of mud mixed with refuse water in order to restrain and attack sorcerers, this is the previously known "zombies" pouring refuse water causing the apocalyptic rain in the Magic User world. Summoned from his pockets, they display zombie manners, trying to eat sorcerers.


  • Hole likes to eat the things he hates.