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the overall look of Hell

One of the three main dimensions in the story, Hell is the home of Devils, and the final resting place for dead Magic Users.


Chidaruma, the very first life form of the universe, created this dimension at the dawn of time. To cope with his eternal boredom he created mud-like creatures he called Magic Users (nothing more than deformed creatures with no feet back then) and toyed with them for eons.


The dimension is generally a barren wasteland empty of lifeforms except for ant-sized dead sorcerers, and the Devils. Deceased magic users are doomed to remain in Hell for eternity while being constantly tormented by the Devils. The world is filled with horn-like mountains as well as a constant rain of dead sorcerers. The Devils in Hell appear as giants to the miniature sorcerers, tormenting and supervising to keep the latter from forming congregations.

The Symbol Coins

A movie created by En tells how in his youth he was incapacitated and sent to Hell to die. He survived by morphing dead sorcerers into mushrooms to eat. Years later, Chidamura found En and returned En to the sorcerers world.

As he likes of shiny things, Chidaruma created currency using gold coins with symbols representing Hole, the Magic User World, and Hell.  The coin for Hell is engraved with three horn-like mountains.


During New Year's Eve, Chidaruma received a gift from En (deceased at that time): a rare and extremely good piece of meat. Eager to taste it, he decided to throw a party in Hell with the Devils GuraGuraHaruDuston, and Moroku.

Thanks to the Magic User genocide at hands of the Cross-Eyes, Hell experienced an unusual increase in new dead sorcerers. The Devils found it interesting that death by decapitation was newly trending.