The Heiwa Clinic is a place in Hole, near to the Central Department Store, the staff members hates the doctors from The Hospital and once a year they play a baseball match as a way to see who is better, their baseball team is called The Sharks.


Fujita and Ebisu went to Hole in order to get revenge on Kaiman for kill Matsumura, to get close to his target, the sorcerer enrolled them in the Clinic baseball team, him as their pitcher and her as the team mascot.

The team played in the torture square, after a series of goody and disturbing plays where Fujita tried to take the corpse of his friend back to the sorcerer's realm, Ebisu singing while dressing a shark costume and Kasukabe remote controlling Jonson and zombie Matsumura as team players for the Worms, the match was suspended when Nikaido knocked out the Clinic director with a loose ball.

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