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Fujita (藤田) is a Magic User, and a low-ranking member of the En Family.  


Fujita is a young male with average height and a scrawny build. He has short and scraggly hair patterned in black-and-white stripes. His magic mask resembles a Tengu, covering only the top half of his face and is complemented by an ushanka. Fujita wears a black graphic T-shirt and cargo pants. He wears devil funeral shoes to honor his deceased partner Matsumura.


Fujita without his hat and mask

Fujita has low self-esteem as a Magic User because of his weak magical skills. Easily overlooked and forgotten, Fujita tends to be gloomy and depressed over not being as useful as the rest of the En's  Family members. Still, he aims to succeed in everything he cares about or is instructed to do, always looking for recognition or acting for the sake of the Family.

He has a huge amount of respect for the other family members (e.g., Shin and Noi), even if they generally view him as an unskilled and annoying Magic User. He is also very loyal to those close to him, for example, the En family or his deceased partner Matsumura (as seen with his numerous attempt throughout the series to revive Matsumura).

He gradually develops a friendship with Ebisu, which leads him to be quite protective of her. Many times he is shown to shield her from whatever danger present. He and Ebisu are frequently seen together and it's heavily implied at the end that the two plan to become official partners at the next Blue Night.


Presented as one of the first characters in the manga, Fujita and Matsumura were assaulted by Nikaido and Kaiman during a practice trip to Hole.

After barely been saved by his partner (at the cost of Matsumura's death), he swore revenge for his deceased friend and asked En directly for help to eliminate the killers. En gave Fujita a device with the information on a variety of magic users, which he used to pinpoint the one most likely responsible for Kaiman´s head, Ebisu. Fujita went to Hole to look for her, just in time to save her from a fatal encounter with Kaiman, though she was left disfigured and traumatized by the attack.

Through her mental breakdown, Fujita took care of Ebisu, even to the point of dressing her (though doing quite a poor job of it). After that, they went to a restaurant where he met Shin and Noi, who were waiting on a couch. They all enter the room and join En for dinner and talk about how the cleaners will be the ones sent to kill Kaiman and Nikaido, making him extremely happy.

When everybody went to Hole, Ebisu gets turned into a Zombie. He chases Fujita around the city, while the cleaners dispatched the duo from Hole.

Believing that Kaiman somehow survived the loss of his head, Fujita goes along with the cleaners and the now healed Ebisu to Turkey's House to find some answers about "the man" Shin saw inside the lizard's head. And created a Magic Doll of the man. Subsequently chasing the doll around the sorcerer realm and finally ended in Zagan City, where the doppelganger found a box inside an old apartment. But, before Fujita could even grab it, the doll went berserk and almost killed him and Ebisu, just with Shin's intervention, they were saved, and the box revealed a severed, rotten head.

The head was revived, and the man, called now Risu, was interrogated by En to know more about "the lizard head from Hole" Yet, the man was unable to bring any important information and ended up angering En due to his idiotic behavior. Once the man was intended to be captured by a mysterious woman, En released a large amount of smoke, turning Fujita and Ebisu in part mushroom people, waiting for Noi to heal them, Fujita told the little girl to be brave.

During the preparations for the Blue Night Festival, he asked the family tailor for a fancy night suit for the event and tagged along the rest of the family member. The night before, he was tasting the food, looking for the arrangements for the evening, and listening to the long and boring theatrical representation of the blue night's origin.

After tasting En's prototype Dream Machine mushroom, Ebisu regains her memory and decides to go home. Worried about the little sorcerer, Fujita tails her to find out her reason for leaving. Ebisu asks the local gang thug to shakes Fujita off, but he manages to escape by showing a mushroom made from En magic, scaring off the thugs. Fujita arrives at Ebisu's house right while the latter is battling the doppelganger of herself. The monster cuts Ebisu in half, and not wanting to abandon her Fujita uses Ebisu's black power to defeat the monster knowing full well En may kill him for using it. Holding the dying girl in his arm, Fujita promises her that he will beg En to resurrect her as many times as needed and that the next time she wakes up nothing will hurt anymore. Ebisu passes away and Fujita carries her corpse back to the mansion. For the next few days, he walks around carrying Ebisu corpse trying to get Kikurage to revive her. This ultimate successes and Ebisu is brought back to life.

After Kaiman is thought to be killed and Ebisu no longer has a reason to stay at the mansion, Fujita goes to En to ask if she can stay, but instead, he witnesses En getting killed and dragged away by Kai. The shock sent Fujita on sick beds for two days, during which En's empire falls apart.

He became a central character during Volume 11 when the rest of the Family lost the En's Manor to the Cross-Eyes. Fujita volunteer to help in any way he could to save the Family. He Ebisu set out to find Chota and Kikurage with Ebisu and arrive in time to save both of them from the Cross Eyes. Later, with Shou's help, he became invisible and started to watch over the Cross-Eyes to find a way to retrieve En's Devil Tumor to resurrect him with Kikurage's magic. He spends weeks lurking through the manor and stalking the Elite Cross-Eyes and went with them in their magic users hunt. A disgusted and horrified Fujita endured everything until The Boss morphed into Artificial Devil Kai and the Elite went to Hole.

In Hole, he was able to retrieve En's tumor and forming a short-lived alliance with Tetsujo to ensure the resurrection of Saji and Ushishimada. The pair encounter a possessed Shin on the way and was torn apart by Shin's magic, reducing them to rolling heads. Together with Chota and Turkey (who are also rolling heads), Fujita made an Ebisu doll with everyone's body parts (Tetsujo's included) and entrusted it with En's devil tumor.

He is presented in the final battle between the magic users and the "Hole Entity" with his body regrow by Noi's magic and a mushroom suit that one of the En's mushroom clones gives.

After the final battle, Fujita is seen visiting Matsumura's grave. Even though Fujita is unsure if his partner's death has been truly revenged, the young sorcerer still decides to move on in life, signifying this by taking off his funeral shoes. Ebisu appears bringing new shoes she bought for Fujita and he accepts, saying that he will wear them while waiting for the next Blue Night. The shoes turn out to be very silly-looking but Fujita decides to takes them anyway even if others may laugh at him. The two magic users are last seen walking away together.


  • Wants to get ahead in life
  • Wants everyone to appreciate him more, especially En.
  • Fujita has a theme with firearms: His magic door is fully covered with guns and magazines, on several occasions, he is shown to own different types of guns and his magic is a destruction type that shoots out of his hand like a bullet.
  • Fujita is a screamer: he can't stand horror movies.
  • In an extra chapter he took a group picture with Ebisu, later the picture is seen hanging in his room next to a picture of En.