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Creatures summoned by En in order to fight without him be directly involved, immensely powerful in raw force and able to use En's magic.


Gigantic humanoid mushrooms with an uncanny resemblance of Mushrooms Parents from Dark Souls. They sport the same face as En, yet they do not have pupils and pours black liquid from their mouths all the time.

In the inside they have a full set of organs like a Human or Magic User, as Nikaido shown by tearing one of them apart, showing a digestive system.



They are an extension of En's will, while they are summoned, En uses all his concentration to pass his consciousness to them, (his body is defenseless as he is unable to move, and his face is completely transformed into mushrooms while he do this). Seemly barbaric with no apparent will of their own when they are not directly controlled by him.

They need to grow from a living creature, acting like a parasite and leaving their host bodies without nutrients, weakening them to the verge of death, showing how brutal and fearsome they are.

When En is fully in control, he is able to perfectly possess them and even hive mind all of them at once, having all a fully resemblance of En and with the ability to talk properly. All of them have the same transformation-type of magic like En, with the power of turn people into mushrooms or increase the proliferation of them.


Once En discovered Nikaido as the time-type sorcerer he was looking for so many years, he used the remains of magic left in Nikaido's back to grow a mushroom man from her, overpowering and transforming everyone who attacked the creature into mushrooms, once the beast was destroyed, En used its remains to open a portal to the Magic User world, kidnapping Nikaido and the rest of the humans (and Jonson) from the Hungry Bug.

Noi practicing with the clones

Noi uses a swarm of them as sparring partners, tearing the creatures apart with brute force.

They appear once again as the key component of the defeat of Devil Kai. En used Ebisu as the source where an army of clones came (the little girl was exposed to En's magic and her head was turned into a huge mushroom) and together, aside of creating indestructible mushroom costumes for all the members of the Family, they proliferate a humongous amount of mushrooms to saturate Devil Kai's body, ultimately killing him for the pressure inside him (his body was technically indestructible but his organs where still susceptible to malfunction).