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The main workers and staff members of the Family, going from simple servants to high ranking members, who regulate the infrastructure of The Mansion. Every goon is selected by En personally to work for him, and is always diligent, hardworking, and loyal to their Boss, excelling in their respective fields and doing their best, even against the horrifying consequences that inevitably come with the job of working for En. There are approximately five thousand of them inside the Mansion, or at least there used to be.

The goons serve as henchmen for En and comic relief for the manga. The archetypal cannon fodder, they are often killed in many ways, by both En's enemies and sometimes through accidents or simply backfires related to their work. They, however, always keep a cheerful and amicable nature to all the top members of the Family.


Like many of En's henchmen that are directly in charge, they too have a skull mouth mask motive, not unlike En's own mask. All of them share the same type of mask, which, while similar to Noi's gimp-looking one, is more part of a chemical overall suit.

A regular goon has no differentiation in their uniform regardless of their work or gender and also possesses roughly the same stature and mannerisms.