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A special artificial Door made for those Family members who cannot create a portal of their own, serving as a way to go practice in Hole, its guarded and scheduled by the En Family Goons.


Introduced in Chapter 2 as the transportation method used by the Bug Magic User to go and practice to Hole, after his death, a pool of his blood leaked from the door and the Goons had to clean all the mess.

Fujita tried to use it in order to go back to Hole and avenge Matsumura's death, but En closed all possible portals to the Human Realm, in order to prevent other Magic Users to go and die at the hands of Nikaido and Kaiman.

The Door will not be see again until Chapter 74, when the Cross-Eyes, after the take over of En's Mansion, found and slightly ignored the door.

The Door had a crucial role later in the series, ad the transportation method used by the Cross-Eyes top officers to take the behemoth that once was their boss to Hole, starting the series of events that ultimately ended in the Central Department Store story arc.