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Nikaido's Voodoo Doll

En's Voodoo Dolls are mushroom-shaped humanoid dolls imbued with En's magic, which he uses in order to track and parasitize those who enter in contact with their spores.

Though at first they have the appearance of a fairly average looking stuffed doll oozing black liquid from their mouths, once En applies his smoke on them, they turn into a small representations of the intended target. The shape the doll takes depends largely on En's memories of that person.

After putting a fragment of his own magic inside them, in form of a tiny mushroom in the doll's guts, a mushroom man is created from the body of the victim no matter how far away or even in which realm they may currently be. En's magic will find its target, making the dolls a powerful asset of his power, and a dreadful instrument against his enemies.