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En (煙) is an elite Magic User and head of the En Family. En controls most of if not all business within the Magic-User realm and is regarded as one of the strongest Magic Users in the world.


Anime color scheme

Typically seen in loosely worn formal attire and wears his long, red hair spiked upwards. He has a broad forehead and menacing eyes, further defined by his lack of eyebrows. His mask consists solely of a mouthpiece resembling something between a gas mask and a skull's mouth. beneath the mask, he is revealed to have a thin mustache with a goatee.


En is cool and confident in everything he does. He often enjoys quietly drinking tea or tending to his exotic garden made of mushrooms. En is full of himself and his capabilities. The very thought of someone laying a finger on him in a fight, the world's most powerful magic user, can cause him to lose control of his emotions and go berserk, turning everything and everyone caught in the crossfire into mushrooms.

Despite being a pretty big narcissist, he has shown that he really does care about the members of his family. He is especially fond of Kikurage, often worrying about her safety and well being above everyone else.

Regardless of what others think or wish, En's desires come first, and he'll do anything to get his way. Even if that means killing, kidnapping, or forcing them to do as he says, forgoing a more diplomatic approach


Mushroom Transformation[]

En possesses a powerful transformative type ability that allows the Smoke he exhales from his mouth or fingers to turn whatever it comes in contact with into mushrooms. Despite the somewhat silly nature of his magic few understand the genuinely terrifying extent to which he has mastered his abilities. The various applications of En’s power appear only to be limited by his creativity.

En usually dispatches his enemies by transforming them into a mushroom. If En wishes to incapacitate his opponent, he can opt to disfigure them. Transforming only choice body parts into mushrooms. While this will never outright kill his victims if the mushrooms are left to rot or sustain damage, the effects can become irreversible. Under normal circumstances, only En's death or En himself can revert the transformation. Powerful healing magic or Chota's spell breaking magic are the only other known ways of reversing the transformation. To this end, the leftover mushrooms of his enemies are usually taken and eaten by En or later sold at one of his restaurants.

En is capable of producing abnormally large amounts of Smoke. His power as a Magic User becoming apparent to all after the legendary Death Mushroom incident six years before his clash with Kaiman. An explosion of Smoke large enough to swallow an entire city. Transforming everything within it into mushrooms and rendering the area uninhabitable for decades to come. While most magic users can, at best, produce enough Smoke to cover a small area around them, En was capable of producing Smoke non-stop for 26 hours with some help from Noi.

En’s magic has an extremely ominous aura. When Fujita was set upon by Shinta and the members of Black Tent, he quickly showed them a mushroom created by En. Shinta, sensing magic that could only be described as “terrible,” promptly backed down and let Fujita go.

The threat of En’s ire carries much weight within the Magic Users world and is usually enough to dissuade most Magic Users from interfering in his family's affairs. His near peerless strength has allowed him to build a business empire and establish himself as the de facto leader of what would be an otherwise relatively lawless realm.

Abilities and Powers[]

En's incredible mastery of magic allows him to shape and create mushrooms wherever he pleases. En has displayed the following.

  • Mushroom Armor: An armor fashioned from mushrooms described as "The ultimate mushroom defense. If his mushrooms regenerative properties are anything to go by, it can be assumed that the armor is capable of incredibly quick self-repair.
  • Mushroom Device: A device created and powered by his magic that acts as an information database for magic users. En gave this to help Fujita locate the person responsible for the mysterious lizard man's head.
  • Mushroom Voodoo Doll: A doll that completely resembles its victim and allows En to sprout new mushrooms from their body if they have previously been affected by his magic. As quoted by En himself, "Where one mushroom has grown, another can always sprout anew."

Trump Cards[]

  • Mushroom Doll: One of En's trump cards, a controllable golem-like creature that can spawn exponentially from any mushroom growth. En is capable of personally piloting his Mushroom Dolls from long distances if he so chooses, transforming his face into mushrooms and entering a meditative state in which his physical body becomes vulnerable. This ability has been shown to extend across dimensions as En was able to pilot a doll remotely from the Magic Users World to subdue and capture Nikaido in Hole. Each unit is capable of producing its own Smoke and can instantly regenerate from any fatal wound that doesn't outright vaporize or disintegrate its body. A single unit is strong enough to lift a grown man off the ground with a single hand. En can control the size of his dolls, making a gargantuan building sized doll to protect himself and the members of his family from Holes' stomach acids.
  • Microscopic Spore Infestation: En can plant microscopic spores deep within a target's body. This ability is incredibly powerful and is En's way of dealing with opponents who can't be transformed via his magic. First used in his fight with Aikawa in Zagan City, En, knowing that his opponent was immune to his transformative abilities, created microscopic spores that upon inhalation entered deep within Aikawa's body. At his command, the spores burst free from Aikawa, rupturing his stomach and piercing his organs. In their second fight and with Aikawa now possessing the body and durability of a devil, he was still shown to be completely helpless against this technique. Although his insides couldn't be destroyed, En continually filled his body with mushrooms faster than his body could digest them, cutting off his airway and eventually choking him to death.

Miscellaneous Abilities[]

  • Growth and Directional Mushroom Control: En can control the speed and rate at which his mushrooms grow. He can use this to intercept attacks or knock assailants prone.
  • Mushroom Bomb: En can cause his mushrooms to release spores at his command. The spores generated can be used to set up a Microscopic Spore Infestation against an opponent who is resistant to magic or transform them into mushrooms if they're not.
  • Mushroom Tracking: En can sense his mushrooms wherever they may be. This ability has been shown to extend across dimensions as En was able to pinpoint Nikaido's location in Hole from the Magic Users World.


En without his mask


We learn of En's childhood from his biographic movie that has yet to be published. His earliest memory is waking up in a room surrounded by mushrooms. Quoting the movie, "I had probably transformed my parents into mushrooms". Slave traders find him and sent him to work in a factory where Magic Users are harvested for their Smoke. The work conditions are so harsh that the slaves are bound to die young. At some point, he is mistaken for dead and thrown out of the factory along with several other corpses and thrown into Hell by a devil. He survived in the forests of Hell by sustaining himself with his own mushrooms. Chidaruma eventually noticed the gigantic mushrooms created by En and brought him back to the sorcerer world. The first thing he did was destroy the factory, freeing all the workers. Quite a few of them followed him, and he ended up being the boss of a rather big group calling themselves The En Family, similar to the Italian mafia. Eventually, he took over most of the magic business world by selling mushrooms and various other such products. (Shin and Noi declared that most of the movie, even if it was accurate in some moments, was an exaggerated made out to make En look cool).

At 12 years old, En had already established the foundations of his organization. Even without parents, he still had relatives, since it is clear from Noi being his cousin that he has, or used to have had uncles. He bossed her to use her healing powers for his own benefit roughly in his late 20s, making Noi hate him. Nevertheless, she still worked for him as a bouncer for one of his many businesses, in particular his successful noodle soup franchise "Flower Smoke", where En had also hired Shin as his cleaner in one of its establishments. Though it is unclear what became of the franchise, En still seems proud of its initial success and its most famous dish, the "Chief's Special".

En was happy when Noi became Shin's partner, becoming officially part of the En family. His restaurant business eventually went bankrupt after a series of mushroom poisonings. Talk about this makes En pissed.

En almost completely controls the economy of the whole world. Having multiple businesses across the globe, restaurants, boutiques, and nightclubs are a few of his many branches and a wide variety of products related to mushrooms. He makes his subordinates try, most of the big failures in the end.

When the Cross-Eyes became a powerful resurgent group that targets and kills elite Magic Users, like the En Family. For over two years, many of the founder members were killed by them. En took the matter in his own hands, sending Shin and Noi to the Boss hideout. When he arrived, the cleaners were almost dead at the hands of the Boss and En, who were engulfed with rage and fear for being unable to move thanks to the boss power. He produced a colossal amount of Smoke, warping the whole city of Mastema into an uninhabitable wasteland filled with mushrooms, but saving Shin, Noi and himself in the process. Still, not before looking at a headless corpse walking through the door. This will haunt En for years, knowing his most fearsome rival was still alive somewhere, making him look after a sorcerer able to use Time-type magic, to Ensure if he was still alive or not.


Fujita arrives back from Matsumura's funeral to inform En of the person responsible for his partner's death. En is initially shocked at the fact that the inhabitants of Hole killed Matsumura. Fujita confirms his suspicions informing him that a girl and a mysterious lizard faced man from Hole, seemingly immune to magic, were responsible for his partner's death. En believes that in his current state, Fujita will End up the same way as Matsumura if he confronts the killers to which Fujita informs him of his plan.

As Fujita arms himself and prepares to leave for Hole, En's lackeys stop him. They inform Fujita that access to Hole is currently restricted and that En has left a message for him. Fujita is to find a new partner, locate the Magic User capable of transforming people into reptiles. He also abandons his plan to murder the lizard faced man using conventional weaponry as En believes it's dishonorable for a Magic-User to do so. To assist him in his task En gives Fujita a device created from his magic to find the Magic User responsible for the killers morphed head before sending him on his way.

En is later seen booking an evening reservation for 5 over the phone at one of his restaurants. The living head of a Cross Eye’s member is seen sitting on the opposite side of the room, dismembered by Shin's magic. En offers to give him back his body if he cooperates only to be spat on and threatened by the belligerent head. En tells him that he will now be transforming his liver into a pâté.

En is next seen waiting for Shin, Noi, Fujita, and Ebisu at his reserved table in the Reaper, a luxury restaurant under his ownership. En chides his guests for being late and attempts to make small talk with Noi and Shin only to be ignored, much to his chagrin. En informs Shin of a new target he wants him to eliminate, a man with a lizard's head seemingly immune to magic. En assures Shin that his confrontation with his new reptilian foe will most likely result in a death-match much to Shin's glee. As for Noi, En tasks her with repairing Ebisu's disfigured face as she could hold much-needed information about their mysterious new foe. En reveals he has also booked two transformation-specialists, Aitake and Maitake to show Shin and Noi what the lizard man and his partner look like. Aitake and Maitake however are revealed to be imposters after asking En if he enjoyed a non-mushroom dish, forgetting that En only ever eats mushrooms. Despite this, they are still confident that they can kill him, having already sidled up to point-blank firing range. They are thwarted however by a quick-thinking Noi who impales both of their hands with forks. Having failed their assassination attempt, fake Aitake and Maitake attempt to escape only to be turned into mushrooms by En. En orders his staff to locate the real twins and to use their bodies as fertilizer for his mushroom farm if they were killed. As for the imposters, En sends what remains of them to the kitchens to be used in his restaurant's dishes, much to Shin and Noi’s disgust. Chapter 5

After a couple of days, En becomes frustrated at the fact that Noi has yet to heal Ebisu. En summons Fujita to and then sends the cleaners and the two young sorcerers to Hole to eliminate the lizard head.

Once Shin brings the news about Kaiman's death at his hands, but believing he is still alive somewhere, En proceeds to go to Turkey's House, where the aforementioned sorcerer created a doll based in Shin's vision of "the man inside the lizard head" to track him and reveals the mysteries about Kaiman.

En is present during a gala event and invites (by force) to Shin and Noi to come with ulterior motives. The party is a "corpse party" where the dead sorcerers' bodies are hanging from the roof along with gifts for a mysterious sorceress and her partner. She has the power to bring people back to life using "white smoke", and En wants her as a partner. So Shin and Noi are sent to kill the lady's current partner, a Black Powder user. Once dead, En approached the lady, to find her also as a Black Powder user, a high offense for elite Magic Users, killing her in the spot by turning her whole face into mushrooms. Once the woman is death En finds the true source of the white powder, a strange creature hiding in her dress, the boos takes it to the Mansion as he leaves the party. Chapter 12

The next day, we see him taking care of the creature in a special room made for it and naming it Kikurage (a type of mushroom). He believes the creature will be a valuable asset to the family. He takes care of it as a pet.

En uses Kikurage's powers to revive the head found by Shin and Noi after using the doll made by Turkey, the man's head is put in a Smoke powered body to be interrogated. They sit and peacefully talk about who the man is, and what relation he had with Kaiman, even bringing a mutilated Cross-Eyes called Miyamoto to persuade the man to talk. Still, En quickly loses his cool when the man, called Risu, acts like a perfect idiot, and no answers came from him.

En showing how big of a narcissist he is

En is informed about the results of the "time-type Magic User" believing a robbery in a smoke pawn shop would be related to that. They concluded that they saw the result of the last smoke Entry and gave favorable to time-type magic. Consequently, En was shocked and excited about finally knowing what happened to The Cross-Eyes Boss years ago.

A Goon comes to inform En about a sudden break into the Mansion, believing his arch nemesis arrived at the rescue of his minion, En quickly goes to the Magic Door to see what happened. But as soon he knows nobody is with Risu, once again runs to the room, in time to see Nikaido jump trough the window-smashing En's face in a failed attempt to abduct Risu.

En loses his cool at the idea of been punched and releases a huge amount of Smoke engulfing the whole room, transforming everything in mushrooms. Fujita, Ebisu, Shin are partially transformed. Mr. Miyamoto completely becomes mushrooms and dies in the crossfire. Risu escapes thanks to the confusion, and because his mechanical body already has En's Smoke inside, he is immune to his magic. Noi notices him leaving and quickly goes to the room to find a mushroom chaos and hits En's head to stop him before he goes even further. Chapter 17

Another Goon comes to give news about Ebisu's magic, and if it's indeed related to the lizard head or not. However, before they could see the results, one of the scientist's goons breaks Ebisu's smoke flask on Noi's head, triggering an abominating transformation making her a half reptilian behemoth. She kills a large number of goons and almost kills Shin before being stopped.

Knowing about his cousin would soon reawaken and wreak havoc in the Mansion again due to her healing powers, En goes against his better judgment, going with the only one capable of dispelling Ebisu's magic from Noi. The biggest and most disturbing fan of En is Chota, who has locked floors beneath the Mansion due to his extreme awkwardness and annoying devotion to En. He cures Noi with Shin's help, and as soon it's over, En tries to leave the weird sorcerer locked in again.

After the whole fiasco related to the intruder gets cleared, another Goon approaches the boss with results of the footage related to The time sorcerer. To his surprise, it is the same woman who tried to abduct Risu. En quickly makes a voodoo doll and implants one of his mushrooms inside, knowing she was affected by his magic, and wherever one of his mushrooms grown, another can sprout anew.

True to his word, a mushroom grows from the intruder's back. En uses the creature's remains to open a portal to their world after its destruction, Ending in Nikaido, the woman who punched him in the face. The unexpected Hole residents with her are captured and imprisonedcu.


  • Boss of the En family
  • Is cousins with Noi
  • Is partners with Kikurage
  • Is good friends with Chidaruma
  • Ingredients of the "Chief's Special", the "Flower Smoke"'s the most successful dish: thin noodles, soy sauce, thick slices of pork meat, and mushrooms; having marinated for three days and three nights in En's personal secret potage