Before escaping and becoming a smoke dealer, Ebisu was a child from a wealthy family and resided in a modest mansion, but eventually left the place for unknown reasons.



The place was abandoned by its original owners when, after grieving the disappearance of their daughter for a long time, Ebisu's parents acquired a magic doll from a shady magic user, believing it would fill the void in their lives, but in the end resulted in a twisted monster with sudden outburst of rage, making the couple escape from the mansion, leaving just a house keeper and the doll as the sole inhabitants of the place.


Once Ebisu got her memories back, she returned home to find the doll using her old mask and clothes, quickly running in fear inside the mansion and finding Granny, her babysitter and house keeper, explaining the situation to her, the doll found them and killed Granny, then morphed into a grotesque creature and pursue Ebisu trough the house.

Once Ebisu got some black powder from her old room, she morphed into a giant raptor creature, mutilating the doll, yet the monster in a last moment sliced the little sorceress head open, as Fujita came to the house in order to see what happened, he used the remaining Black Powder to destroy the creature, as Ebisu died in his arms, leaving the place without anybody to live in.

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