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Duston is a Devil serving under Chidaruma. A friend and teacher to Noi. Is briefly featured in mostly just bonus curses. Usually adds the words "Nyaa" to the ends of all his sentences.


He wears a cone-shaped hood with a smoke mask wrapped around his mouth. His big pope-like attire that is usually stained with blood and dirt is adorned with collars and jewels. His priestly stole has upside-down crosses on it.


As many other Devils, he is playful and mischievous in nature, but is a lot more friendly and patient than others. Still, Duston is quite reckless and does not know the extent of his own strength, as is shown by him accidentally killing one of the magic users he was preparing for the Devil Exam, sucker-punching his guts out.



Years ago Duston was the one responsible for training Noi, as well as many others, for her Devil Exam, although after some time she was the only one left who was still able to endure the merciless trials and training the exam required. Feeling happy that his student was showing true potential, Duston liked to dance with her and do a lot of silly stuff.

Though Duston was sad when Noi was unable to complete the exam due to using her magic while still in training, he nevertheless still sees her as a good friend.


It is unclear if he still trains Devil Exam participants, but still maintains a friendship with Noi. He is shown to be good friends with Haru.


  • Thinks about ideas for games
  • Usually sleepy