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Dokuga (毒蛾) is a Magic-User, an elite member of The Cross-Eyes, and is the Boss' right-hand man. He currently leads the Cross-eyes gang in the absence of the Cross-eyes boss, Kai.



Dokuga has short black spiky hair and amber compound eyes like that of an insect. His eyes have an emerald-like pattern on them. Around his eyes are black cross tattoos that signify he's in the Cross-Eyes gang. He wears a scruffy white hoodie with multiple sacks attached to his arms, legs, and belt containing Black Powder, bottles of rare smoke, and other knick-knacks. The hood of his hoodie also doubles as his mask, which is a moth and homemade. Underneath his clothes, Dokuga hides countless battle scars. Most cover his arms and torso and he barely has any on his legs.


Dokuga appears apathetic and even cold at times, but his indifferent appearance is just a front he puts up in order to protect his friends. Since his saliva is poisonous, it could potentially harm his comrades, so in order to combat this, Dokuga chooses to shut off his emotions as best he can. Beneath it all, Dokuga is kind, gentle, and empathetic, which are some of the worst things you can be when you live in a place as cruel as the Magic-User world. Because of his empathy, he dislikes killing. He's even known to avoid a fight if possible, which can sometimes backfire on him and get him into trouble. Even so, Dokuga is very capable of killing just about anyone, but he sure as hell won't like it. Despite growing up in a society where death is the norm, and he must kill to survive, Dokuga is still not desensitized to it all. After witnessing Risu's murder he was left feeling traumatized and scared, and during the Magic-User hunts, the countless killings he committed left Dokuga's heartbroken and his soul in tatters. His non lethal fighting style mainly using his legs might be a reflection of this.


After the En Family captures Dokuga, the family travels to Hole's Department Store when they have a magic carpet crash that separates everyone, including a sliced up Dokuga. He winds up in the hands of Ebisu who notices Dokuga has amnesia. She tricks him into thinking that he is her servant named Kaiko and heals him afterward. Kaiko (Dokuga) stands up with a giant smile on his face and gives his master a big hug as thanks for saving him. Happy, bubbly, and affectionate, Kaiko is the representation of who Dokuga would be if the evil of the world had not corrupted him. Later on, Dokuga wakes up from his amnesiac state after fighting Shin for a second time, only waking up because he remembered their first fight together.


Dokuga has no magic of his own, instead, he has the lasting effects of someone else's. His poisonous saliva is more like a curse since It does more harm than good. Because of it, he can't sit with his friends at the dinner table to share a meal in fear he might kill one of them by accident. His poisonous spit is also the reason he seems so uncaring and cold. It's dangerous if he laughs or yells, so in order to keep his friends safe, he chooses not to show any emotion at all. Dokuga's deadly venom is also a reliable tool in combat, it can blind enemies temporarily and, if ingested, can kill them on the spot. Besides using it as a weapon, he can sometimes also earn an extra bit of money using it for odd jobs like exterminating termites.



Dokuga's Moth Mask

Dokuga was abandoned as a child, most likely because of his lack of magic. A Magic-User picked him up off the streets and made the young boy work like a slave. The magic this person used was poison-based and they could make poisonous plants or various other toxic items. The end result of Dokuga working for this Magic-User was his poisonous saliva. When he was 7 years old he killed his tormentor and fled back onto the streets of the world that looked down upon him.

Later on, after gaining his freedom, he made friends with 4 other boys, Tetsujo, Ton, Ushishimada, and Saji. Together they combined their strength in order to survive the cruelty dished out to them by adult magic users. One day, however, the boys were all caught and tied up after they had stolen some food from a shop owner. The shop owners decided to toss the boys into Hole, comparing them to humans because they can't use magic. After being tossed through a door into Hole's rain, Dokuga started laughing gleefully because the rain is hurting him, which is proof that he's a magic-user after all. The boy's celebration at this now proven fact is cut short when the shop keeper standing at the door is killed abruptly, and as Dokuga looks up to find out who killed them, he sees Kai for the first time. Mystified by the man's mysteriousness, Dokuga and the others follow Kai through the door and eventually create the Cross-Eye gang.


Presented along with the rest of his friends in the rented house in Berith, where Risu went in order to find answers about the one who killed him, Dokuga was sitting in the dark, collecting and preparing paper to trade it for toilet paper once the recycler comes to town. Dokuga asked him how much time he was planning to stay in the hideout, believing Risu has some business in which he doesn't want Dokuga to be involved in. Risu, infuriated, asked why and to his annoyance, Dokuga was just asking because they don't have enough food for everybody.

Later Tetsujo, curious about the idea of Risu's questions, asked Dokuga if he knew the killer. Dokuga indeed told him that he not only knew but that he also saw it with his very eyes.

Once he told them that Risu was just a thief, looking for information around the house, all the members subdue him and imprison him in a room during the struggle. The landlady came for the money they owe her for the last 5 months of rent and not having anything, Ushishimada made the ultimate sacrifice and sold himself to the landlady in exchange for the deed to the house. Just when Ushishimada and the landlady began walking away, one of the stakes Risu threw during his fight with Dokuga impaled the head of the landlady, killing her instantly. The other Cross-Eyes celebrated their newly owned home and the fact that Ushishimada can stay with them, but Dokuga was really scared and ran straight to the landlady just to find she was already dead.

In order to evade the possible dangers of just having killed a powerful Magic-User, the Cross-Eyes went to the Landlady's Mansion to set up a staged death and leave the body there. The group prepared everything, and after some failed attempts, Tetsujo asked Dokuga about Risu's murder once again, but before they could talk more the corpse of the Landlady fell onto Dokuga. Showing how strong he is he held the 300kg body on his shoulders to prevent him from being crushed. At the end of the night, the Cross-Eyes left the mansion but not before stealing all the toilet paper.

All the other officers had gotten a job working at the Berith Onsen to earn some money. Using Tetsujo's Ronin helmet, Dokuga was trying to get some coins from a vending machine, when suddenly Kaiman came near them after realizing they were Cross-Eyes. Though before Kaiman could say anything, Tetsujo rushed behind Kaiman and held his katana at Kaiman's neck. He demanded to know who Kaiman was and assumed he was about to attack them. After he told them he was "Risu's Friend" the Onsen was attacked by En, making the Officers run for their lives thinking that the sorcerer came for them.

With the onsen destroyed and scared of En, believing he came for them, the officers ran to a wheat field where all of them told stories about their individual moments with The Boss:

Dokuga talks about their lives before The Boss, how they where simply orphans living on the streets, questioning their own existence as they were unable to produce smoke and recalling the fateful day they met their leader.


  • "Dokuga" translates to "Poisonous Moth"
  • "Kaiko" translates to "Silkworm" which is a reference to the Silkworm moth, the moth Dokuga's appearance is most similar to
  • Most of the time he thinks about the prosperity of the Cross Eyes
  • A lot of the time he thinks about the boss
  • A lot of the time he Thinks about his friends
  • Sometimes he thinks about how he wants money
  • Finds his magic of having poisonous saliva an inconvenience
  • When Q Hayashida was designing Dokuga, she first drew his face to be that of a woman and "beautiful." Source: Q Hayashida Art Expo in Shibuya and Q Hayashida's Sketchbook
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