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a Devil Tumor is the lifesource of all magic users in the shape of a tiny Devil; it can move around as if it were a living being. It was first acknowledged in Chapter 11 of Volume 3.


Located inside the Brain in a constant fetal position, the devil tumor its the actual physical representation of the Magic Users life, even if the sorcerer is killed or their body is destroyed, Magic can regenerate and bring them back to life but only if the tumor is un good condition. If its destroyed or damaged, the sorcerer will remain dead and there's no way to revive them except with highly complex methods.

Kikurage its know to be one of the few creatures to produce a special type of white smoke that brings people back to life (theres no need for the devil tumor to be directly in contact with the smoke, if the corpse is in good condition, the person will revive).

The devil tumors are the source of Black Powder, a by-product of The Cross-Eyes Boss reseachs in Magic, by removing them for the skull and placing them in hermetic bags through an unknow process, the tumor release Black Powder until it gets dry.