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One of the many buildings inside En's Mansion serving, as the name suggests, a place of Devil worship for the people living inside the mansion.


A patched-up eclectic building with a mostly black colour-scheme and a steel wall at the front, which features many inverted crosses.


The place became the battlefield between Kaiman and the brainwashed Nikaido, who, at the time, was under En's control due to the signed contract inside her and the mask made by Chidaruma. Kaiman challenged her to a fight in order to slap some sense into her and get her back to normal.

The battle was quite one-sided as Nikaido easily overpowered Kaiman, willing to kill him for opposing En's will, while the lizard head was intentionally holding himself back from using his knives. The battle ended when Nikaido knocked him out, breaking the floor of the church with an almost fatal drop kick in the process. Severely wounded, Kaiman crawled around in the basement of the building, trying to hide from his opponent.

Nikaido, ready to finish her former friend, was suddenly bashed in the back by a seemingly unknown shady figure. Her wound was almost fatal and only with the intervention of Asu, who teleported into the Church looking for her, she was saved, and without the contract, as well as the mask destroyed when Kaiman sucker punched her in the face, she was finally ree from En's control.

After the pork face Devil healed Kaiman, he transformed Chota, who had been jealously praying in the church for an agonizing and slow death for En's new partner, into a replica of Nikaido, and teleported both the lizard head and his friend to a place as far as he was able away from the Mansion. Believing he was the real Nikaido, Chota was found by En, who had been worried about her, and everyone left the building.