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The Cross-Eyes Hideout if a place in the Magic World, more precisely in Berith. The Top Officers lived there for about two years after The Boss went missing. Nothing more than a old patch-up house the Cross-Eyes rent to not be found by their enemies.


With no money left the Top officers had to take extreme measures to save everything they could. The house is at dark most of the day thanks to the extreme need to save electricity and candles, there's also no furniture beyond a table, a couple chairs, and a few electric devices. All the officers shares everything in the house with the sole exception of Dokuga, having even the whole bathroom for himself as a room (thanks to his poisonous secretions, everything he has can only be used by him).

When Risu came looking for answers about who killed him, he barely could see the officers thanks to the dark room where they were, recycling paper to change it for toilet paper. Once he started to look for answers into the house, Dokuga labeled him as a mere thief and all the officers locked him in a room near the front door, during the struggle, The landlady came for the 5 months of rent they owed her, having no other choice, Ushishimada sold himself in change to the property of the house's land.

During a tearfully good bye between friends, Risu used one of his stakes to attack Dokuga during the quarrel inside the house (happening at the same time), the stake broke the window and stabbed the Landlady skull, killing her in the spot, in a really odd scene, the Cross-Eyes were celebrating their newly owned house while Ushishimada felt annoyed and slightly bad for the Landlady.

Once Natsuki became a member of the group she move on to the house and started to help in any posiible way to help the group, from doing chores in the place to get some part time jobs.

Once The Boss returned and killed En, the top officers and Natsuki left the house and city, to make En's Mansion their new headquarters.