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Sixth Curse: My Neighbor the Sorcerer (隣の町の魔法使い, Tonari no machi no mahōtsukai) is the 6th chapter of Dorohedoro.

Chapter Cover[]

The Chapter cover appears to be Kaiman riding a motorcycle.


The chapter begins with Kaiman and Nikaido driving on motorcycles to Migimaru-Hole where they believe a magic user is staying, they take a break by resting at a nearby gas station that serves beer.

They are greeted by the clerk with a horrible insect-like face with a tenancy to accidentally spit on people. Kaiman asks about his face and he claims how a Magic user used him as a guinea pig three years ago. He asks about where they're going and they tell him how they're looking for a magic user and he asks if they're looking for a Magic user named "The Acupuncturist" who has the power to change peoples faces, he claims how he came to here once and changed a girls face.

They leave the store later on and drive away on their motorcycles to the entrance of Migimaru-Hole and rent a tent at a campsite. They ask the clerk about the acupuncturist and he claims how he hasn't seen him and how everyone wants to find him and they end up dead with all their belongings taken. Nikaido goes out alone to go buy food in a supermarket, on her way back to the supermarket she is stopped by some thugs who demand her to give them all her stuff, she brutally defends herself and finds a bar voucher with information on where to find the acupuncturist

The next day they enter the bar "kannon of a thousand arms" to find the acupuncturist, Kaiman buys another drought of beer at the bar and by coincidence finds the acupuncturist sitting beside him. Kaiman checks again if he is the Magic User he's looking for and once again he's not. Before Kaiman can murder him the acupuncturist asks if he wants him to fix his face with his magic for his life and Kaiman accepts. After applying acupuncture needles on Kaiman's face, he offers Nikaido if she wants her fortune to be told since he's also a fortune teller. He alludes to a metaphorical fortune being how someone might attack them.

They later leave the bar and Kaiman feels something strange about his face, he takes off his mask to reveal his scaly skin fraying. He tears the skin off revealing no changes whatsoever.


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