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Return of the Mushrooms! (キノコ復活!, Kinoko fukkatsu!) is the 59th chapter of Dorohedoro.

Summary []

In the Berith Onsen Nikaido wakes up looking for Kaiman, quickly dressing up knowing something feels wrong.

En is recovered, and Chota was really happy to see him again and tried to kiss him, En replied turning his whole head into a big mushroom. As soon he get out of bed the boos takes one of the magic brooms to track Nikaido using the contract inside him ordering the cleaners to follow the lead.

Elsewhere Fujita ask some creeps in black coats if they saw a little girl with a skull mask, and they pointed out to the old mansion near, quickly jumping the fences and running there.

In the House Ebisu sees her pretender, and the little girl quickly runs in fear inside the mansion and findis Granny, her babysitter and house keeper, explaining the situation to her:

After grieving the disappearance of their daughter for a long time, Ebisu's parents acquired a magic doll from a shady magic user, believing it would fill the void in their lives, but in the end resulted in a twisted monster with sudden outburst of rage, making the couple escape from the mansion, leaving just a house keeper and the doll as the sole inhabitants of the place.

The doll found them and killed Granny, then morphed into a grotesque creature and pursued Ebisu trough the house. Once Ebisu got some black powder from her old room, she morphed into a giant raptor creature, mutilating the doll, yet the monster in a last moment sliced the little sorceress head open, as Fujita came to the house in order to see what happened.