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Small Change Love (小銭LOVE☆, Kozeni LOVE ☆) is the 58th chapter of Dorohedoro.


Kasukabe remembers how he found Ai's corpse in a rainy night in Hole, looking at the same pot from fifteen years ago.

Elsewhere in the city Shin, Noi, Vaux, 13 and Mister Coleman are eating in a food parlor as they wait for the Professor. Mr. Coleman is still angry at the grave-robbers of his grandson tomb but as Noi assures him, nobody cares.

Kasukabe comes to the parlor riding Jonson and explains that Ai's plate wasn't recovered, meaning he could be indeed the "Cross-eyes Boss", also telling how he performed a surgery on Ai's body before the young man's death, assuring Mr. Coleman that Ai might be alive in the sorcerers realm. The professor prepares to go to The Magic Users World, expecting to find Ai with the help of his wife, Shin reminds him that he and Noi are planning to kill the Cross-Eyes Boss, nonetheless the professor seems to not care too much for it and he, along with the cleaners, leave Hole, in the last moment Jonson quickly jumps into the magic door to go with Kasukabe.

13 appears aside of Vaux (relieved for not be the one paying for the food bill because the professor lend him his wallet) and talks about how Kaiman could be indeed a Magic User, the Doctor assures that, after performing many check-ups and surgeries on him, is completely sure that he is human.

Back in Berith Kaiman walked in the night wondering if he actually was a Magic User, and even attempting to use some Black Powder Natsuki gave him when they met, but in that moment he saw sorcerers with cross-eyes like he used to have, Dokuga and Tetsujo, who were looking for coins in a bending machine, Kaiman could not even grab his knife and was cornered by them, demanding to know who the hell he was and why he was going to attack them, not knowing what to do, he replied "Im Risu's friend".

In En's Mansion, Chota is sit aside of En's bed when the cleaners, Kasukabe and Jonson came to the room, the bird masked explained that he was Nikaido all along and the original ran with the lizard head few days ago, a goon appeared with news about the whereabouts of Nikaido, hearing that, En woke up, looking extremely angry.


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  • Thanks to his long neck, Mr. Coleman has a delay in his speak when he eats, yelling long before Shin and Noi left.
  • This is Mr. Coleman last appearance to date
  • Chota seems to treat humans in general as scum, tipically a elite Magic User trait.
  • En is really pissed-off right now