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Second Curse: Hungry Bug (ハングリーバグ, Hangurībagu) is the 2nd chapter of Dorohedoro.

Chapter Cover[]

The cover appears to be Nikaido holding a "Hungry Bug"-themed skateboard, while standing behind various meats and a "Hungry Bug" sign.


The chapter begins with an unknown person murdering someone and then leaving.

The next scene shows Nikaido visiting Kaiman at work, where Vaux shows them the new patients, magic user victims that have been disfigured and injured by some sort of bug-transformation type magic. After that, Nikaido goes back to the Hungry Bug to find a fatigued boy lying in front of the restaurant. Nikaido feeds him, while warning him about an amateur magic user that has been experimenting on Hole residents in the neighbourhood. The boy, revealing that he is actually the magic user mentioned and also the person from the beginning of the chapter, angrily turns Nikaido partially into a woodlouse for insulting him.

The scene transitions to Fujita, who is on his way to the door that leads to Hole and appears to be armed for combat in order to fight Kaiman and Nikaido, but is impeded by the doorman who claims the passage is restricted both ways for the time remaining. The doorman reads out a message En left for Fujita advising him to get a new partner, and find the magic user responsible for Kaiman's head.

After work, Kaiman goes back to the Hungry Bug for some food, where he finds Nikaido and the boy. Finding out he's a magic user, Kaiman checks if he's the one he is looking for. After realizing he is not, the boy is immediatly killed by Kaiman.


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