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Gyoza Magic is the 157th chapter of Dorohedoro.

Chapter Cover[]

a colored spread out page of Chidaruma, Hole-kun, En and Kaiman


Kaiman finally uses his smoke to create a metal staff and immediately cries to his misfortune of the staff being capable of nothing. Hole-kun throws another slash of the store kitchen knife that flips the black house to one side; making Kaiman fall down to the hole that used to be the lake of refuse. Before Kaiman can fall to his doom he yells that he wished that he could've tasted Nikaido's gyoza one last time, making his staff glow and create a gyoza floating atop a flame on the tip of the staff.

The gyoza to Kaiman's surprise begins to speak and claims to be the great gyoza king's wand and asks Kaiman of his desires. Kaiman immediately yells at the gyoza to stop him from falling where the gyoza creates giant pan fried gyoza wings at Kaimans back making him fly. As Kaiman flies upwards back to the black house, Hole-kun crawls on the floor of the house trying to kill the ex-devils sprawled out on the floor. Kaiman finally reaches the house to fight Hole-kun who cuts off Kaimans feet that the gyoza staff heals by feeding Kaiman some magic gyoza that recreates his feet. Kaiman then creates a giant deep fried gyoza smothered in oil and throws it at Hole-kun; exploding on impact


Main Characters[]

  • Kaiman
  • Hole-kun

Minor Characters[]

  • Chidaruma