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Mushroom Defense is the 156th chapter of Dorohedoro.

Chapter Cover[]

Chidaruma is asking for anyone who is a magic user to raise their hand where among 13, Vaux, Kasukabe, and Jonson, Kaiman is the only one to raise his hand with a bored look on his face in which Jonson retorts with 'Shocking'.


Hole-Kun sporting Asu and Nikaidos impaled heads on the spikes of his head approaches Kaiman standing in the entrance of the black house's door where Kaiman without fear emits a giant blast of smoke from the tips of his fingers towards Hole-kun.

26 hours earlier back within Hole-kun, The en family, Risu, Tetsujo and Dokuga are scrambling within the darkness as their feet are burned by the toxic ground where En manages to form black smoke around everyone creating multiple mushrooms to cushion the ground but is instantly melted by the black liquid of the ground. Knowing the uselessness of his first attempt to protect everyone, En creates a gigantic mushroom version of himself around everyone as a haven from the black liquid that begins to flood the entire space.

26 hours in present time, En's giant mushroom body is on the verge of dissipating as En's actual body begins to break down as he continues to blow black smoke through his mouth. Piles of Black sludge start to seep through the giant mushroom body as everyone worries for En's soon end and their fate. Noi chooses to continue healing En but is told by shin not to on account of the fact that she'll die before he does if she heals him. Chota wails in agony over that en will soon die and how nobody will be able to save him in which Shin holds up Shou's head claiming that he can save them.


Main Characters[]

  • En
  • Shin
  • Noi
  • Hole-Kun
  • Kaiman

Minor Characters[]

  • Ebisu
  • Fujita
  • Turkey
  • Shou
  • Tetsujo
  • Dokuga
  • Risu