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Farewell Rain is the 154th chapter of Dorohedoro.


Hole-kun's black utensils fall on the ground oozing into black liquid then hurls more floating clusters of magic user corpses at Nikaido only to be sliced apart in one fall swoop of store's kitchen knife which blow is so intense breaks apart buildings closeby and throws a strong gust of wind at Hole-kun making their surroundings break down on him.

As Hole-kun crawls up from the wreckage, Nikaido dashes right at him, quickly slashing a huge gash in his stomach then stabbing multiple times into his torso then finishing with another twirling strike that causes Hole-kun to fly back breaking his claws and causing him spew black liquid.

Nikaido slowly walks towards Hole-kun lying on the ground who manages to spark a rain cloud over Nikaido's head causing her body to slowly melt and making her fall to the floor. Strong in clause, she manages to bring herself back up and stands atop Hole-kuns body to finish the job but Hole-kun more black smoke that makes the raincloud's rain more intense making her accidentally drop store's kitchen knife that is quickly retrieved by clone of Hole-kun holding Nikaido's magic box as the original Hole-kun disappear.

Asu and Kaiman quickly access the situation and come to the conclusion that he somehow stole Nikaido's magic box to go back in time a couple seconds. Hole-kun strikes a long blow at Nikaido from a distance with store's kitchen knife that makes her body instantly tear and break apart which Hole-kun worses by throwing another blow slicing her body into pieces. As she falls down from the sky she looks straight into Kaiman's eyes and mutters his name.

Kaiman screams her name then quickly throws open the black house's door as images of Nikaido from the past flood his mind as he and Asu fly down towards Hole-kun who opens his mouth to swallow Nikaido entirely before Asu and Kaiman could get to him. Kaiman runs straight at Hole-kun only to be thrown back by black liquid spewed from Hole-kuns mouth. As he lies on the ground he remembers his promise with Nikaido to always stay friends no matter what, while the black liquid rolls off his face, crosseyes form on his eyes.


Main Characters[]

  • Nikaido
  • Hole-kun
  • Kaiman

Minor Characters[]

  • Asu
  • Chidaruma