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Hole Gourmet Report is the 150th chapter of Dorohedoro.

Chapter Cover[]

The chapter cover is Kaiman surprisingly seeing his human face in the mirror.


The story begins with Kaiman re-accessing his first ambition to find out who turned his face into a lizard and how his strife turned out to be more bigger and complicated then he assumed from the present events he faces now and how he still wonders if he'll ever get his old face back. He and the others watch as the being Hole slips the corpse of one of en's guards into one of his big pockets on his body. Asu questions Nikaido if Kaiman might be related to hole in some way.

Hole starts to chase some of En's guards while ignoring non-magic users like 13, Vaux and Jonson who wonder about how they somehow feel drawn towards hole. Vaux quickly runs to his van to make sure the hospital is fine since its full of En's magic user guards. Hole continues his ravaging by grabbing a giant black knife and fork from his pockets and using them to slice and dice En's guards and shoving them into his mouth one by one.

One of En's guards tries to fight back the monster by shooting bursts of his magic that can turn anything into flowers, however Hole deflects all of his magic by pulling out a glob of mashed up people from one of his pockets and throwing it at him which burns his flesh to the touch. Hole slices his knife through his neck then uses his fork to pick up his head to swallow whole. Chidaruma examines the masse to notice how its made out of hole rain infused mud and hatred towards magic users.

in the meantime, Nikaido suggests they should take back her magic box to fix what wrong doings Hole might do and Asu tells Kaiman to give the store knife to Nikaido since he's practically useless in which Nikaido hesitantly agrees where the chapter ends with Kaiman looking at her with disbelief.


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