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Hell Pal is the 148th chapter of Dorohedoro.

Chapter Cover[]

The chapter cover appears to be of the monster that emerged from the last few pages of chapter 147


The story begins with Store after butcher all the Devils inside the Black House, and separate the mutilated body parts from the flayed and reverted Magic Users, exhausted, it seems to communicate with House and the entity summons a tea display for both Store and the zombified Prof. Kasukabe while an unknown shadow in the corner observes.

In the outside Chidaruma greets the newborn Hole, presenting himself and asking the creature's name, Hole only replies "Kill Magic Users" and "Death to Magic Users", thinking they were awkward names, the creature headed to the ground, falling with an extreme force shattering the place near Dr. Vaux, 13, Jonson and the rest of the scared and confused residents of the city. The Devil came with him and told the humans how fortunate they were to witness a Devil like him during their mortal existence, introduced the creature as "Hole-kun" explained that he just born, and telling him happy birthday. The creature didn't pay attention to any of that and headed to the En Family goons, killing one of them using the grudge of ancient humans, devouring his head, exclaiming "Slaughter all Magic Users" with an evil grin in his face.


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