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Full-Swing Sayonara is the 146th chapter of Dorohedoro.

Chapter Cover[]

The chapter cover appears to be of Ai and Aikawa saying goodbye.


The story begins with Kirion ascending via her broomstick above the magic user world's rain clouds to find hundreds of zombie humans from the Central Department Store vomiting sludge from the Lake of Refuse to make the apocalyptic rain. She also finds an enormous magic door spilling all of the zombies out.

Back at the surface of the department store, Jonson, Vaux, 13 and a couple of En's men start losing hope in their friends stuck deep underground the lake in which the scene descends down under in the central department store where Ai and Risu reunite with the others along with Shin and En who manage to show up as well.

Chidaruma soon flees the area with the rest of the Devils into House whilst the rest of the group watch Ai swing store's kitchen knife at Kai who's head is swiped clean from his molting body. They find Ai's final head emerging from the center of the severed head and his soul escapes from the Second Kaiman body and back into his original head as Aikawa's mask melts from his body finally back to Kaiman. Ai pleads Risu to kill him quickly to finally end Risu's curse and rid the monster Hole from the world forever in which Risu manages to agree and borrows store's kitchen knife and slices Ai's head right off.


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