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The Magic User World is a place that Magic Users and Devils reside and can only access if they go through a magic user door.

It never rains in the Magic User World.



Created by Chidaruma after he realized that dead Magic Users would end in hell (the birthplace of the species) anyway, so it was made to differentiate life and death.

There's no such a thing like rain in this world, to the point that sorcerers who never left the realm don't know what it is, or what umbrellas and raincoats are. With the exception of some cold days, the average weather through the whole year is sunny and the temperature is good enough to let people use almost any kind of clothes.

The En Family is the organization which controls this world, with En as the de-facto ruler (only surpassed by Chidaruma himself), before them, the world was a chaotic place were the sorcerers oppressed each other, killing or enslaving others, the ones with extraordinary or rare magic used to be enslaved to sell their smoke until they died, the weak ones or unable to even produce magic smoke were treated like low life scum too. Once En unified the whole world by fear power and strategic economic moves, it became more civilized, with the Magic Users considered elite as rich and powerful people, but the weak still seen as useless nobodies.


The whole culture is based in the worship and fear of The Devils, creatures who once were sorcerers, but transcended their mortal existence and became god-like entities, they are silly, violent, rude, narcissistic and incredibly powerful, disrespect them is a death warrant and there are adoration sites, festivals and satanic symbols all over the world to praise them (satanic and catholic religion are represented trough images, but they are just illustrated because they also represent worship to the devil, Satan himself is even mentioned by Chota, but it never explained, because there's no such a thing like the occidental representation of God, consequently, no Satan neither, Chidaruma is the most approximate being to be considered as a God).


The Magic user world is not that different from Hole it's just a little bit more cleaner and slightly more civilized. Having forests, differentiated cities and districts to segregate sorcerers by their magic abilities. Ancient constructions with representing devils, and buildings not bigger than a mansion (with the sole exception of the ridiculously big En's Mansion) in contrast of Hole's gigantic weathered down industrial buildings.


The society itself is still ruthless and morbidly violent, there's no such a law enforcer (with the exception of the En Family cleaners) so see people get killed for whatever reason its quite normal, making the "crippled" sorcerers lives no more important than the humans. Jobs depend on the type of magic, if a Magic User doesn't have a useful magic or any, it will most probably die without any money or shelter. A fine example of this is Risu who has been tormented his whole life for being unable to produce smoke (because of his particular type of magic) and only enrolling into The Cross-Eyes he was finally able to gain access to money, an apartment, and proper education.

Even with all odds against weak magic users, there is a school that trains and helps them to improve or understand their magic more, the Zagan School (close by En after it became a shady place filled with Cross-Eyes).

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