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The original inhabitants of the Hole dimension, and the only creatures known in the Dorohedoro universe that caught the attention of Chidaruma for not been created by him.




The Humans of this universe started like any other species, developing a culture and intelligence over centuries, is debatable but it can be considered that Chidaruma messed with Humans around the stone age period, nothing more than simple caveman that the Devil Lord abducted for centuries.

Chidaruma was infatuated with the species, raising, experimenting, singing...and eating them for a long time until he got bored and left them alone for a couple of hundreds of years.

Without him to notice, his creation, the Magic Users, developed the ability to travel through portals to the Human World, back then, they were a lot more feral and almost extinguished the Human race. The remains of the slaughtered humans was condensed in The Lake Of Refuse, leading to the creation of the most fearsome creature ever known in any dimension.


Since the dawn of Humanity, the people of the renamed world called "Hole" were subject to the merciless attacks of Magic Users, and used as guinea pigs since recorded history.

The average look of the inhabitants of this world is mostly composed of deformed, morphed or handicapped people thanks to the sorcerers' magic, making it common to see people disfigured by sorcery.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Kaiman and Nikaido hunting and killing sorcerers who enter the realm of humans, the number of victims decreased considerably.

In recent chapters of the manga, the residents of Hole met what they can interpret as "Their God" a creature who means no harm to them, and even allure people near it, who only seek the death of Magic Users, its name is Hole.

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