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Bonus Curse 7 is the seventh bonus chapter of Dorohedoro featured in Volume 7 at the end.


We see Ebisu's daily routine in her new Job:

Wakes up every day at 1pm, waits in the line for the public bathrooms, goes back to her room and wash her face. Takes a long sip of milk and wonder how she wakes up every day in her room, even if she does not have any memories of last night. After practice "Gymnastics for Breast Enlargement" takes care of her hair and gets ready to go (a shady devil figure watch her from her mirror).

As she goes outside, the weather is really cold and her tummy aches, so she goes to annoy Fujita, when she sees he is not in his room, she sneaks through the window and enters in his room, assaults his fridge, watch some soap operas on the TV, does her "Gymnastics for Breast Enlargement" once again and writes a note to Fujita as she goes outside again (a shady devil figure watch her from atop the building).

She goes to a luxury fashion boutique (obviously one of En's many establishments) and is kicked out by its doorman, Nikaido (still Chota in disguise) happens to see her and invites her inside to buy anything she likes, buying and incredibly ridiculous looking fur coat, the reflection in the mirros shows Chota in his true form (and once again the shady devil figure on the background).

She finally comes to her job at a hostesses in "The Big Boss", is received by her co-workers (also bullied by all of them) and she prepares to serve in the typical silly way she is know for, from serving snacks, running around in her awful looking mermaid costume waiting for intructions, getting drunk and having tips for be funny when she is drunk, at the end she sees the devil figure that was following her the whole day, naming it "Mai Kwel Devil", Fujita piggybacks her all the way to the mansion and leaves her in her room, (the devil figure is still watching them from far away), the chapter ends with Fujita leaving her in her bed (As Ebisu dreams about doing "Gymnastics for Breast Enlargement") the Magic User finds the little sorceress note in her room, a comically "romantic" looking letter bad wrote with a kiss printed in it, to his awkwardness.



  • Fujita cares a lot for Ebisu
  • Seems like Ebisu gets drunk every night
  • Its never explained who was the shady devil creature that followed Ebisu through the whole chapter.
  • This Bonus Curse is the only Curse without any color, contrary to the Bonus Curse 5, which was colorless thanks to the color pages in the previous chapter, the is no color in the whole volume 7 aside of the cover.