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Bonus Curse 3 is the third bonus chapter of Dorohedoro featured in Volume 3 at the end.


The overall story narrates the daily routine of Ebisu.

She wakes up every day in her room in En's Mansion, dress-up, takes care of her hair and puts her mask to take out Kikurage (showing their relationship as the one that take care of her everyday). Ebisu falls from the stairs and breaks her skull and bleeds near to death, Shin finds her while jogging and brings the little Magic User to Noi's room to heal her, once she is fully recovered, the cleaners invite her some fried chicken, she find it fatty.

Ebisu sees the wall filled with pictures, Noi tells her those are the pictures of her and Shin, from the day Shin joined the family to the one when they became partners, Ebisu points out they are a lot younger, this piss a little Shin telling her that they are not old people before the the little sorcerer goes to annoy En.

The leader of the family was taking his breakfast in bed when Ebisu shown at his door, En found this creepy and invited her giving a piece of bread mushroom, she pointed out how dry it was while looking around and found his wall of pictures. En tells her that is mandatory for all family members to commemorate special events, showing a picture of him at twelve years old, with the foundations of his organization already established, and pictures of the rest of the family members. Ebisu tells how jealous she is for not be there, En simply replies "Well, you're not from the family", and telling how brave she is for mocking him while he is talking.

The goon who serves En's breakfast tell her that the family photographer tends to come once in a while to eat the fruits of the tree near En's window, and if she hurry he may take a picture of her. The little magic user goes to the tree but founds nothing except a snake that tells her "He ins't here now", Fujita appears out of nowhere telling Ebisu that he was looking for her the whole time, he found the photographer and took a picture of them and the rest of the family goons, a picture full of suckers.