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Bonus Curse 2 is the second bonus chapter of Dorohedoro featured in Volume 2 at the end.


The cover appears to be Beelzebub standing on a couch while holding a Trident that is also a microphone.


The story begins with Shin and Noi eating while talking about how the recent man they killed may have put a curse on Shin which corresponds with the feeling he's being watched all the time; even at this moment and even when he was at home. Shin and Noi go out to find a certain devil they know of to help them and watch his dark figure sing screeches on stage. After the devil finishes, the grudge's figure who was following Shin from behind was blown away into the wall behind him. Noi comments lastly about how the Devil's last line was 'keep smiling' which means: live like a devil; he who smiles no matter what is the most vicious.