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Berith is a town in the Magic World. The home of the Cross-Eyes base of operation is located there.


Trying to find clues about the person who killed him, Risu went to the city and after hours of unsuccessful research about the Cross-Eyes hideout, he went to a market to buy something to drink and was spotted by Tetsujo, buying groceries in the store. The top officer accompanied to their hideout afterward.

One of the Markets in the city

After Kaiman got information about the Cross-Eyes operation in Berith, Nikaido, Natsuki and he went from Mastema to the city and spent a night in a luxury hostel where the top officers were working as staff members. After a showdown between En and Kaiman, the hostel was destroyed and Natsuki went with the officers to their hideout.

Once The Boss returned and killed En, the top officers and Natsuki left the city and made En's Mansion their new headquarters.