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Baku (爆) was a Magic-User and one of two thugs that try to capture Noi and Shin and force them to become their partners along his companion Yaku. His magic was explosive in nature. He was killed by Kaiman at the Blue Night Festival.


Bulky and tall body, sporting a fur coat and a flesh-looking mask.


Ruthless, cunning and prepared, Baku ambushed Noi before she could even act, exploding half of her body and placing her in a cage with suppressing magic properties to stop her heal magic.



He was seemly killed almost 9 years ago when he and Yaku assaulted the Flower Smoke in a failed attempt to kidnap the soon to be cleaners as partners. Shin apparently killed Yaku without effort back then and Noi crushed Baku's head with a huge boulder, believing that was the end of them.

Baku, in a last attempt to kill the duo, even without a head, flayed Shin's back with a last blast of smoke, prompting Noi to relinquish her Devil training in order to save his life, becoming partners after that.


Along with Yaku, they came back for the last Blue Night Festival to ensure their membership as part of the En Family by kidnapping and forcing once again Shin and Noi to be partners with them.

Baku successfully incapacitated and kidnapped Noi and flew in a Magic Broom to meet Yaku, who also secured his target, sadly for them they stumbled across Kaiman and the workers of Restaurant Tanba. The lizard head, along with Fukuyama, dispatched the duo unintentionally saving the cleaners in the process, Kaiman killed Baku and Fukuyama morphed Yaku into a meat pie.


  • In a twisted way he is the direct responsibility of Shin and Noi partnership, also saving Noi from becoming a stupid looking Devil (design made by Chidaruma himself).